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We understand that people have different health and recovery requirements. That’s why to implement a patient-centric approach to offer personalized healthcare and recovery programs backed by scientific research. Our other services include detoxification, residential, and non-hospital healthcare services.

We have designed behavioral programs, medicinal therapies, and other inpatient treatments for the patients as well as families. Furthermore, our experts personalize the intensive outpatient substance abuse programs to help the people in need.

Based on the patient’s mental and physical health, we offer a number of treatment programs, such as extended care centers, addiction counseling, residential treatment, local support groups, mental health, and medical care. Not only that, but our specific programs focus on teens, older adults, and young adults.

We offer help to recover from the following:

  • Substance abuse disorders
  • Addiction to alcohol and drugs
  • Process addictions, such as shopping, the Internet, and gambling

Young Adult Addiction Treatment Program

Substance abuse leads to severe outcomes in young adults, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

The good news is we offer gender-specific programs for young men and women to help them overcome their addiction.

The primary goal of the recovery program for young men is to ensure a positive attitude and a healthy image among peers.

On the other hand, the specially designed treatment programs for young women help them build healthy relationships, overcome a breakup, and take calculated risks.

We carefully devise recovery plans places by incorporating the following treatment components:

  • Mental and physical assessment
  • Medical history
  • On-site detoxification
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Physical activity
  • Therapeutic activities
  • Relapse prevention techniques
  • Recovery support

Substance Abuse Disorder Programs for Older Adults

Sadly, 4.4 out of 55 million older adults in the US in 2020 need substance abuse treatment. We simply can’t take any risk by ignoring this disorder in our family members and friends.

The very first step to the diagnosis of substance abuse disorder is to keep a close eye on the unusual behaviors of the older adults in your family, such as:

  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Liver function disorder
  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Confusion and other changes in mental abilities
  • Anger and violence
  • Mood swings
  • Panic attacks
  • Slurred speech

Lucky for you, we at rehab Abilene TX offer treatment programs designed for older adults of more than 60 years, such as:

  • Dialectical Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Cognitive processing therapy (CPT)
  • Trauma programming

All the above therapies have proven highly efficient in older adults to help them maintain their dignity and relations.

We offer flexible programs according to the patient’s age and other mental, physical, and emotional requirements. Also, other medical conditions, such as diabetes, chronic pain, and other cardiac problems, are considered while crafting a customized treatment plan comprising the following primary components:

  • Medical treatment of addiction interaction disorder
  • Supportive group therapy
  • Daily medication, psychological, and physical assessment
  • Pain management
  • Relapse prevention plan
  • Daily wellness therapies
  • Massage, acupuncture, and physical therapy

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

It’s a specialized recovery program to treat more than one underlying issue. Rehab centers Abilene TX incorporate the treatment in the patient’s recovery plan to address different issues while breaking the toxic cycle they previously lived in.

Medication is proven to be effective in treating anxiety, cravings, and other withdrawal symptoms.

We use FDA-approved medications along with regular therapy sessions to support and maintain recovery while preventing the risk of relapse.

Therapy Programs

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Therapists at Abilene TX rehab assist the clients in addressing the underlying causes behind any stress, depression, addiction, and anxiety.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach as it isn’t long-term and efficient. Instead, we offer several therapy options, such as:

  • Dialectical behavioral therapy – Helps the patients to channel their energies to identify and regulate emotions.
  • Family counseling -It’s essential to restore the family bond by inviting the family members to the counseling session and treatment process.
  • Mindfulness training – As the name suggests, this spiritual training allows the clients to be contented, focused, grateful, and, most importantly, present in the moment. Patients can’t move on until they forgive themselves for the mistakes in the past.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – It assists the patients in permanently ending the self-blaming and negative self-talk that holds them behind. This effective therapy assists them in taking a step toward a fresh and healthy start.

One should undermine the effectiveness of therapies and the medical treatment the patients receive to beat addiction.

Therapies help the patients with the post-recovery peer and societal pressure they’ll face daily. Peer counseling guides the patients in learning how to interact with their co-workers, friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Most importantly, the patients learn to set the necessary boundaries while practicing peer accountability.

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