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Addiction does not just damage an individual but also the family. That’s why rehab Abilene TX is committed to educating and guiding the families regarding substance abuse and how to heal from the addiction damage.

We believe in integrating the family in the rehabilitation and healing process by designing exclusive family programs, such as counseling and education on substance abuse and behavioral health.

We create a community of the patients and family members to inspire one another and help each other recover and excel in their daily lives.

Based on the patient treatment and family requirements, we have customized family education and awareness programs for young adults, teens, and older adults. It’s essential to inform the families about the patient’s healthcare program and recovery process to motivate them.

The primary goals of our family treatment services are:

  • Treating the family members with care, respect, empathy, and dignity.
  • Offer them the desired support to lead a healthy and mindful lifestyle.
  • Ensure higher ethical standards while dealing with society.
  • Offer financial assistance for the treatment whenever required and applicable.

Treating Mind, Body, and Spirit

Rehab centers Abilene TX use a holistic approach based on scientific methods to guarantee efficient healing.

  • Mind – Individual and group therapies help the patients and their families regulate emotions and learn to use healthy coping skills to face society. We design experiential training and workshops comprising hands-on activities and real-life examples to make the patients and their families emotionally and mentally strong.
  • Body – Leading a healthy life is everyone’s right. To promote a healthy lifestyle, we always incorporate health and well-being programs, such as exercise, yoga, nutritional counseling, diet plan, and desired medication.
  • Soul – Abilene rehab offers a comprehensive spiritual program allowing the patients and their families to connect with themselves and nature.

Psychosocial Assessments

The family treatment begins with the preliminary psychosocial assessments of the family members to devise a customized treatment plan.

Dedicated family therapists at Rehab Abilene TX guide the families about the treatment process and total duration.

The primary objective of counseling and treating the family members is to ensure a healthy and functional family system.

The customized plan work addresses different challenges faced by the family members, such as communication, independence, boundary setting, and other conflicts.

Specialized Family Programs

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We highly encourage the family members to participate in the following programs:

Family Workshops

These workshops allow different families to benefit from therapeutic clinical research to develop the desired skills to make their families function.

These workshops allow the family members to understand their mental requirements as they deal with the pain of a patient suffering from addiction.

Our clinical staff helps the patients work together to identify their family goals to restore their relationships and communication.

The Residential Family Program

Whether it’s the kids, adults, or teenagers, substance abuse disorder and addiction affect the entire family as a whole. This comprehensive program treats the entire family collectively as the patient to recover from the pain and trauma of addiction and its adverse side effects.

The goal of the residential family program is to allow the family members to live in a healthy environment with the patient to understand one another’s emotions and pain.

As a result, the patients and the family members restore the family bond and prepare themselves to face the issues that affect their relationships, such as loss, trauma, abuse, and biases.

The residential family program helps the family members and patients in developing these essential skills:

  • Boundary setting
  • Effective communication
  • Self-care
  • Empathy
  • Conflict resolution


We arrange regular clinical visits for the family members, friends, and other colleagues to offer valuable feedback regarding the patient’s recovery.

The two-way communication helps the specialists identify the personal, societal, and workplace challenges the patients face.

Family Community Program

This effective program focuses on guiding the new families by connecting them with the existing or recovered patients’ families.

The objective is to devise a family buddy program based on sheer empathy and compassion with a message that no one is alone in the recovery process, including the families.

Onboarding new families don’t mean we forget the alumni family members. We believe in lifelong post-recovery support to the patient and family members whenever required.

Family Support Groups

Sharing your thoughts with the people going through the same pain as you help create a compassionate support group.

Rehab centers Abilene TX strongly believe in creating a community where people can truly understand, empathize, support, and motivate.

We offer fellowship programs for the alumni families and friends to meet the patients and their families to beat substance abuse disorder and other addictions.

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