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Are you or any of your loved ones dealing with substance dependency and abuse? Do you wish to minimize the long-term negative consequences of substance abuse that affect your physical, financial, social,  and psychological life?

Reply honestly to the above questions, and if your answer is yes, you must not delay a second to contact the Rehab centers Abilene TX.

We offer customized addiction treatment programs to help you or your loved ones to recover from substance dependency.

The good news for our clients is that you don’t have to worry about the complicated admission procedure, insurance verification, and waiting queue. The recovery process should never be delayed at any cost.


Rehab Abilene TX ensures our patients’ confidentiality at any cost. From the very first call regarding the admission process to the completion of the recovery program, we protect our clients’ data.

We have strict rules and regulations to not share the patient’s information without the consent of the patient and the family members.

If required by any employer or education institute, we can offer completion letters and other information upon request by the patient. All you need to do is sign a Release of Information form and mention the reasons for requesting the information.

However, we do not disclose our information about the customized treatment plan other than to the family members.

Early Guidance

Our highly trained and experienced admission staff guides the patients and their families by offering accurate information regarding admission procedures and offered programs.

The admission experts work closely with the patient, family members, and clinical staff to guarantee the desired care and healthcare facilities.

The admission process begins with a preliminary questionnaire to evaluate the patient’s mental and physical health:

  • Addiction symptoms and history
  • Family background, functioning, and issues
  • Age, education, and career
  • Current therapy status
  • Contact information

One of the most crucial things that family members often forget is to counsel the patient for the treatment procedure. You can only admit the patient to the rehab center once the patient identifies the substance abuse disorder and is willing to get rid of it.

Once the patient is on board, we don’t delay the admission process and proceed to the insurance verification step.

Next, a board of medical and clinical directors, doctors, therapists, and other experts evaluate the pre-admission assessment form to determine the patient’s eligibility for the recovery programs.

Insurance Verification

We have a dedicated addiction admission team that checks the insurance coverage for rehab. So all you need to do is fill out the admission verification program while our experts collaborate with the insurance company to offer maximum coverage of the recovery program.

In addition to the insurance coverage, we also offer financial assistance to the deserving people who fulfill specific criteria.


Once your body becomes reliant on a substance, it becomes an addiction. Detoxification is a process to control your desire to consume drugs or alcohol. However, it’s the first challenge towards transforming life.

Our team of professionals helps the patients in initial body detoxification by offering the desired support. It’s necessary to detoxify your body before proceeding with the treatment plan.

Customized Treatment Plan

No two patients have the same recovery requirements. Once the insurance verification is successful, our experts evaluate the patient to guide them regarding the customized addiction treatment programs and other family services.

We urge our patients and their family members to be honest and transparent about the addiction to facilitate our specialist personalizing an effective treatment program, such as:

  • The behavioral health treatment program
  • Addiction treatment program
  • Process addiction treatment plan
  • Substance abuse disorder recovery plan

It’s essential to share all the information about the patient’s health, addiction history, age, mental disorders, weaknesses, and strengths.

Patient’s Comfort

We offer several indoor and outdoor treatment programs based on the patient’s evaluation.

Our topmost priority is our patients’ comfortable environment that complements the recovery process.

Our team guides the patients regarding what’s best for their mental and physical health and allows them to choose between indoor and outdoor treatment programs.

The outpatient program comprises several weeks of treatment followed by a relapse prevention plan and continued support.

On the other hand, the inpatient program welcomes the patients into a healthy and relaxing environment. The admission guide gives you a tour of the facility, shares the rules and regulations, answers your queries, and shares the treatment plan.

Continued Support

The Abilene Rehab That Locals Rely On!

Our treatment indeed ends once the patient is recovered. However, we offer continued support and assistance by offering relapse prevention plans and aftercare programs to guide you through your recovery journey.

Sadly, addiction doesn’t destroy an individual’s mental and physical health but also severely affects the loved ones.

Keeping up with our philosophy of building a positive community, we offer family support programs to help and guide families of the patients dealing with substance abuse.

If you have any emergency Doctor’s need, simply call our 24 hour emergency

Your personal case manager will ensure that you receive the best possible care.